Why Pediatric Dental Check-Ups are So Important

Why Pediatric Dental Check-Ups are So Important

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Why Pediatric Dental Check-Ups are So Important For Your Child

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Your child’s teeth seem fine, you help him or her brush each day, but you keep hearing about why it’s so important for them to have a dental check-up. If nothing is broke, why fix it? Here are a few important reasons that your child should have a dental check-up with our Dentist in Las Vegas before problems pop up:

Primary (Baby) Teeth Decay Very Quickly

By the time you can actually see a cavity, it is extremely large and most likely into the nerve. The enamel of baby teeth is much weaker than adult teeth. Because of this, cavities spread very quickly and grow rapidly if left untreated.

Treatment Needs are Smaller, When Caught Earlier

The quicker you can spot and treat a cavity, the smaller the filling will be. Cavities that go a few months without treatment may need a crown instead of a filling as was originally recommended. Not only does decay impact that tooth, but it also spreads to other teeth very easily.

Childhood Dental Problems Impact Adult Teeth

“It’s just a baby tooth. It will fall out.” Contrary to popular belief, the health of your baby teeth will impact the permanent tooth developing underneath. Cavities and infection can spread into the other teeth, jaws and even throughout the head. If a tooth is lost too early due to a cavity (as opposed to fixing the tooth) it will also jeopardize eruption patterns.

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