Replacing Your Metal Fillings

Replacing Your Metal Fillings

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Replacing Your Metal Fillings is Good For Your Health

metal free fillings before and after Do dark metal fillings keep you from smiling in pictures or around other people? Then our Las Vegas dentist can help!

Metal Fillings Darken Your Teeth Over Time

The older your metal fillings are, the more time it has had to leach dark stains into the enamel around it. Slowly, your tooth turns blue or even grey around the filling. This is a sign that the filling is, leaking, no longer functional or may need to be replaced.

White Fillings are Smaller and Look “Invisible”

When we remove your metal fillings and place a white composite filling in its place, the new filling requires less tooth preparation because it bonds directly to your tooth. The color of the white filling is perfectly matched to the rest of your tooth, almost making it look like it is invisible. As you smile or talk, no one will be able to tell that you’ve had dental work done.

Metal Free Fillings Strengthen Your Teeth

Unlike silver fillings that simply “patch up” your tooth, composite fillings rebuild your tooth. The composite adheres directly to the porous surface, making it perfect for just about any tooth, in any area of your mouth. In fact, some types of white fillings even contain fluoride to strengthen the tooth enamel around it, keeping it stronger for a longer period of time.

Come by our Las Vegas Dentist office today to find out how quickly you can have your metal fillings replaced with white ones. We’ll have your smile looking grand in no time! Ask about our current special on tooth colored fillings for a discount applied toward your care.

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