Periodontics Las Vegas

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Periodontic Care in Las Vegas

Gum disease can destroy your smile. It begins with something as simple as gingivitis but bridges into the loss of bone tissues, gum recession and eventually tooth loss. With dedicated oral hygiene and professional periodontic therapy, Streamline Dental Solutions can help you effectively fight periodontal disease.

Periodontic care is essential when it comes to preventing tooth loss. Deep cleanings and periodontal therapy help prevent additional gum and bone loss, keeping your teeth stable and easier to clean at home. Our Las Vegas dentist will work with you to establish an effective home hygiene plan that will remove bacteria in the hardest-to-reach areas, preventing additional attachment loss.

If gum disease is allowed to progress, irreversible bone loss will make teeth loosen in place and appear longer. It is important to seek the highest level of care before gum disease reaches this phase. However, Streamline Dental Solutions can still help patients with severe periodontal infections.

Periodontal Therapy

Advanced periodontal disease is not only an aesthetic concern. The bone loss around affected teeth can cause nearby teeth to be compromised as well. Chronic bone loss weakens the jaw and impacts your ability to chew, bite, and limits your tooth replacement options.

Ineffective oral hygiene causes periodontal disease when plaque is not thoroughly removed between the teeth or under the gums each day. Slowly the bacterial infection triggers an immune response that leads to loss of bone and tissue fibers. Fortunately, it always begins as gingivitis, which is 100% reversible by our Las Vegas dentist.

During your professional cleanings we will remove plaque and tartar buildup so that your home care can be more efficient. Signs of gingivitis like swollen or bleeding gum tissues will be pinpointed so that you can address them at home. With proper care, gingivitis can be reversed with brushing and flossing within 2 weeks. If not, pockets will begin to develop under the gum tissues, catching food and triggering more chronic periodontal problems.

Symptoms of Periodontal Infections

Symptoms of periodontal infections may seem like regular gingivitis, which is why it is so important to schedule regular dental visits to our dental clinic Las Vegas. With dedicated home care and professional cleanings, you can keep disease at bay and enjoy your natural teeth for an entire lifetime.

Streamline Dental Solutions has experienced dentists to help patients just like you when it comes to comprehensive periodontics services. We serve the greater Las Vegas region. If you are worried about the possibility of a periodontal infection or gum disease, we recommend contacting one of our dentists for a comprehensive exam and cleaning before symptoms progress.

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