Lumineers Offer a Natural Smile Makeover Appearance

Lumineers Offer a Natural Smile Makeover Appearance

Have you ever seen a famous movie star or billionaire with what looked like too-perfect teeth? Smile makeovers are a delicate process, with the results needing to give you that perfect appearance while also maintaining a natural conformity. Lumineers are a great way for people just like you to benefit from a smile makeover that looks and feels great every time.

Lumineer Veneer Treatment Las VegasWhat Makes Lumineers Different? The way they are designed. Like other veneers, Lumineers are bonded over the front of natural teeth to change their appearance. However, the materials offer a slight translucency to them, which enhances the natural hues of the final treatment. As a result, teeth look:

  • Whiter
  • Straighter
  • Naturally colored
  • More even

Easier Veneer Treatments
Traditional veneer treatments are a complex procedure, because complex results are necessary. Lumineers offer a straighter approach to veneer treatments. Because they are thinner, there is no tooth preparation necessary prior to the veneer placement. They are sometimes called “no prep veneers,” because the natural tooth structure does not require alteration during the treatment process. Each Lumineers veneer is simply bonded to clean, conditioned tooth enamel. In fact, if you ever decide to have your Lumineers removed, they are completely reversible without any other necessary treatment. Enjoy the benefits of traditional veneers without the slight alteration to your underlying tooth enamel.

Las Vegas based Streamline Dental is currently offering 25% off all of our Lumineers smile makeovers. With this affordable opportunity, our patients can benefit from a straightforward smile enhancement that gives you quick, dramatic results. Are you ready to find out more? Call Streamline Dental today.

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