It’s Never Too Late For Adult Orthodontics

It’s Never Too Late For Adult Orthodontics

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No one is too old to fix crooked teeth. As life expectancy increases and broadening idea of enjoying life beyond the 20s or 30s, more and older adults want to enjoy their lives, including investing their money into improving their looks, including their teeth. After all, if they can still enjoy having a perfect smile for 30 or 40 more years of their lives, then it’s a worthy investment. This is the also the generation that grew up in the time when braces were expensive and not as common as today.

Now, that they have started to earn well and save a bit of money, they start to realize that they can invest in braces. Thankfully, the technology and trend have evolved enough that adults can fix crooked teeth relatively easily and inexpensive.

For most, it is not just about aesthetics –braces correct other problems as well like cross-bites or other problems with previous tooth extractions where gaps exist between teeth. For others, the reasons are more psychosocial, to increase confidence, or for career purposes, as having a perfect set of teeth increases stature or rank at work. Whatever the reasons are, adult orthodontics is becoming more and more popular each year.

However, it is not just as easy as quickly deciding to get braces, because it will also take around 18 months to 3 years for the process to work even if you decide to go with a solution such as Invisalign.

There are also other things to take note of when deciding to get the treatment:

  1. You need to attend regular checkups. Adults normally have busier schedules than teenagers, and who can be tricky when dentists have to schedule monthly checkups. Expect that you need to visit the dentist every 4 to 6 weeks. This should be considered before deciding to get braces.
  2. You have to take care of what you eat. For some, this might be a good way to lose a few pounds, but it can really be frustrating for most people, as it will be difficult to eat harder or chewier food like meat. For people who meet with many clients, they might be shocked to find out how braces can really be difficult, as eating some types of food can mean something getting stuck in the brackets, making it not just uncomfortable, but also not very professional-looking.
  3. You must good oral hygiene. They will just have to take a bit more care, even maybe having to clean their teeth (and brackets) after lunchtime at work.

Adult Braces close up Should you be ready to do it, consult with your dentist for his or her recommendation based on your case. There are also actually different options available to adults other than just the regular braces commonly seen in teenagers. Regular braces might put off some people because everyone can see the metal brackets in your teeth, which still do not look very pleasant sometimes.

There are also ceramic braces, where the brackets are the same color as your teeth, or getting braces behind the teeth instead of the front. There are also clear aligners, which are made of clear plastic and can be removed. These are, however, at risk of getting lost and may not be as effective as regular braces. Options exist for everyone, so go and fulfill your dream of a perfect smile now!

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