How Periodontal Disease Impacts Your Health

How Periodontal Disease Impacts Your Health

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Did you know that gum disease could impact your overall health? Keeping your oral bacterial levels in check is extremely important, especially when it comes to conditions like:

• Heart disease, stroke, and heart attack
• Obesity
• Diabetes
• Premature labor / low birth weight infants
• Erectile dysfunction

How do all of these conditions relate back to your oral health? Well, active periodontal (gum) disease allows bacteria to enter into the bloodstream through infected gum tissues. This creates an inflammatory response throughout the rest of the body, and also leads to bacterial deposits within the circulatory system. In fact, some cases have been found where oral bacteria were located in the vascular walls of stroke and heart attack victims.

When your body is fighting off one infection, it makes it difficult to fight off another one. Treating gum disease and reversing the oral infection in turn improves your overall health. It becomes easier to manage blood sugar levels, fight off infections, and have a stronger immune system.

Do you have gum disease? Symptoms include receding gums, gums that bleed or are swollen, tooth mobility and bad breath. Waiting until it’s too late to treat will lead to complete tooth loss.

Our Las Vegas dental office can help you eliminate your periodontal infection with our in-house periodontal therapy program. These treatments consist of deep cleanings that eliminate tartar and bacterial deposits along the root surfaces, making it easier for you to maintain your oral hygiene at home. Our hygienists will also work with you to create a home hygiene plan that reverses the infection much quicker.

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