Entertainment Industry Uses Cosmetic Dentistry

Entertainment Industry Uses Cosmetic Dentistry

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How Las Vegas Entertainment Industries Use Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to attending shows in Las Vegas, one quickly realizes how important their smiles are to the overall effect and showmanship. Much like those stars of Hollywood, the stars of the Las Vegas strip, from the pirates to the Cirque du Soleil all require the players to look their best, right down to their smiles. Other shows focus on singers and comedians, both of whom make their living with their mouths. Since all eyes are on these amazing smiles, how do they guarantee the best look to their teeth year after year?

Many of these individuals look to their local cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas. These dentists can provide not only basic oral health care; they can also provide porcelain veneers that can address a multitude of problems within the mouth. What are some of the other options available?

las vegas shows Dental Veneers

Cosmetic dentistry can address uneven teeth with veneers, but for missing teeth or large gaps, individuals have the option of using dental implants. These fronts are measured and formed to fit discreetly into your mouth and look as natural as your other teeth. Yet, if you don’t have a missing tooth, you can take advantage of caps or crowns to address unevenness or discoloration issues instead of veneers.

Inlays & Onlays

Another option to deal with decay or damaged teeth is inlays and onlays. These provide an excellent fit over damaged teeth, safeguarding them while allowing functionality and easy cleaning. An inlay is bonded to the center of the tooth, while an onlay is when the material is required to cover a larger area of the tooth. While both options preserve the natural and healthy areas of the teeth, they also preserve the natural color of your teeth, versus the composite resin dental filling. Therefore, you can create a stronger and more natural looking tooth as a repair to tooth decay. However, like crowns, inlays and onlays are a multi-step process to complete with the best results. This option also provides a custom fit and is often known as a stronger solution to normal fillings.

Cirque du Soleil Bonding

There is also an option known as composite bonding to address chipped or misaligned teeth. This method uses resin material to cover up any imperfections or that can fill in spaces. Those who use composite bonding can also cover signs of erosion or even the roots that may have begun to show as a result of gingival recession. The resin is applied to the tooth and then shaped and molded to fit into various tight spots, including chips in the enamel. Additionally, the resin can be color matched to your teeth, so that it will blend right in with your other teeth.

Las Vegas cosmetic dentists can provide all these options and more to address a variety of concerns for these stars of the stage, but also for those who are just wishing to make changes to fix cosmetic problems areas within their mouths. As you can see, Las Vegas not only provides amazing entertainment options, but it also provides the stars of these shows the ability to brighten their smiles with multiple cosmetic dentistry choices.

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