Dental Bonding Gives Your Teeth a Fresh New Look

Dental Bonding Gives Your Teeth a Fresh New Look

Composite dental bonding is an excellent way to correct minor irregularities or discrepancies in the appearance of your tooth. Our Las Vegas dental patients often request bonding for teeth that:

  • Have gaps between them
  • Are chipped or worn along the edges
  • Have exposed root surfaces
  • Feature pits or irregularities in the smooth surfaces

Dental Check-upHaving a tooth bonded is simple, comfortable and affordable. First, our Streamline Dentists discuss what aspect of your tooth you want to change. You’ll be able to change the tooth size and shape as necessary. We will then carefully color-match the bonding material to your natural enamel, so that it blends in with the tooth once the cosmetic procedure is completed. Your dentist then cleans and preps the tooth, applies the bonding, shapes it appropriately and uses a bright light to harden it into place. In just one short visit it looks as if you have a completely brand new tooth. The process is simple and may not even require the use of local anesthesia.

Bonding can be used for cosmetic purposes but it also provides a protective aspect as well. Underlying root or broken tooth surfaces are more susceptible to sensitivity and tooth decay. Covering these areas with bonding will prevent stimuli or bacteria from reaching these weaker layers of the tooth.

Las Vegas Dental Bonding
Call Streamline Dental to book your complimentary consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists today. Streamline Dental is currently offering a 25% off all dental bonding procedures at our Las Vegas office. Read more about our current specials and our affordable dental plan. We look forward to hearing from you!

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