Choosing Your Braces

Benefits Of Braces Since the first days of braces, we accumulated a couple of different types of braces. Today, braces can likewise be connected to the interior of the teeth, for people who want to hide them or even be connected to the front and be clear (more on this later)! Although  some of these new methods are a little bit more expensive than metal braces,  they manage to eliminate the mortifying, metal-mouth look a lot of people dislike. Braces are a great way to get that perfect smile you always desired whether it was an under bite or a […]

3 Signs You Have a Great Fitting Denture

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Dentures are like a great pair of shoes – we wear them all the time, but as they start to wear out, we don’t always notice until it is too late. A great fitting denture will have a few unique features that let you know everything is going, as it ought to. You Don’t Need Adhesive A properly fitting denture will stay in place without any type of adhesive, paste, or strips. In fact, dentures should be secured by suction alone – a tight seal between the denture and your soft tissues across the jaws and roof of the mouth. […]

What to do During a Dental Emergency

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Dental emergencies can be extremely painful and scary if you aren’t sure what to do. Taking the right steps can save your smile and eliminate discomfort as quickly as possible. Save Your Broken Tooth If your tooth is broken, try to locate the missing piece of tooth structure when at all possible. Place it into a cup filled with milk or saline (like contact solution) and bring it with you. If you can get access to emergency dental care within an hour, there’s a chance that the broken piece or avulsed tooth can be put back into place. Be sure […]

How Periodontal Disease Impacts Your Health

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Did you know that gum disease could impact your overall health? Keeping your oral bacterial levels in check is extremely important, especially when it comes to conditions like: • Heart disease, stroke, and heart attack • Obesity • Diabetes • Premature labor / low birth weight infants • Erectile dysfunction How do all of these conditions relate back to your oral health? Well, active periodontal (gum) disease allows bacteria to enter into the bloodstream through infected gum tissues. This creates an inflammatory response throughout the rest of the body, and also leads to bacterial deposits within the circulatory system. In […]

Getting the Best Results from Your Whitening Treatment

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If you’re taking time to whiten your smile, you want the best results possible. Our Las Vegas teeth whitening treatments can whiten your teeth by several shades, helping you remove year’s worth of stains or natural tooth discoloration. For the best results possible, follow these easy steps: Avoid Dark Liquids and Tobacco If you smoke, use smokeless tobacco, or drink dark liquids like coffee, tea or red wine – then your stain will be harder to eliminate. If you absolutely must have that glass of iced tea for an afternoon pick me up, then drink it through a straw to […]

3 Benefits to Implant-Retained Dentures

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Do you need to replace your entire smile? Our implant-retained dentures offer freedom and flexibility that traditional dentures can’t. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider them for your smile: They’re Slimmer Unlike conventional dentures, All-on-4 dentures follow the “U” shape of your jaws. There is no bulky acrylic across the roof of your mouth that makes it difficult to talk. This frees up space in the rest of your mouth, making it easier for you to speak more clearly and enjoy the taste of each meal. They’re Permanent You won’t have to worry about a denture […]

Lumineers Offer a Natural Smile Makeover Appearance

Have you ever seen a famous movie star or billionaire with what looked like too-perfect teeth? Smile makeovers are a delicate process, with the results needing to give you that perfect appearance while also maintaining a natural conformity. Lumineers are a great way for people just like you to benefit from a smile makeover that looks and feels great every time. What Makes Lumineers Different? The way they are designed. Like other veneers, Lumineers are bonded over the front of natural teeth to change their appearance. However, the materials offer a slight translucency to them, which enhances the natural hues […]

Whiter Teeth Change Lives

Having a whiter smile isn’t just about looking good. It’s about feeling confident, making good impressions and being relaxed around the people you spend time with. In fact, studies have actually shown that when people have a more beautiful smile they will typically: Enjoy a better social life Have more friends Rank higher for job promotions Be seen as friendlier and more outgoing Enjoy better self esteem These surveys and studies have been conducted in several different environments, including job interviews where candidates with better looking smiles were awarded the job over counterparts who did not. Investing in whiter teeth […]

Getting to the Heart of Periodontal Disease

You’ve already heard about how hard gum disease can be on your smile. That it causes bone loss, gum recession, and even the total loss of teeth. But that isn’t all there is to it. In fact, just the presence of periodontal disease inside of your mouth can be dangerous to the rest of your body. You see, the bacteria that reside under the swollen, infected gum tissues are capable of spreading into your bloodstream. This allows the biofilm to travel to other parts of your body, even lodging itself in places throughout your cardiovascular system. Patients with active, unmanaged […]

Dental Bonding Gives Your Teeth a Fresh New Look

Composite dental bonding is an excellent way to correct minor irregularities or discrepancies in the appearance of your tooth. Our Las Vegas dental patients often request bonding for teeth that: Have gaps between them Are chipped or worn along the edges Have exposed root surfaces Feature pits or irregularities in the smooth surfaces Having a tooth bonded is simple, comfortable and affordable. First, our Streamline Dentists discuss what aspect of your tooth you want to change. You’ll be able to change the tooth size and shape as necessary. We will then carefully color-match the bonding material to your natural enamel, […]