General Dentistry

General Dentistry In Las Vegas NV

As you probably already know, there are several different types of professions where individuals specialize in areas that contribute to dental health. From oral surgeons and orthodontists to pedodontists and endodontists, you can find a specialized professional in nearly every area.

Although many individuals in the dental field decide to go with a very specific specialization, there are others who instead opt not to concentrate on a single area. These professionals are known as general dentists.

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Do They Have Similar Training to Specialized Professionals?

Dentists in the general dentistry field are just as highly trained and schooled as those who have specialized. Often, their training actually exceeds that of an oral surgeon or orthodontist since they are a required to have a much broader range of knowledge.

Will General Dentists Do Everything?

Most professionals involved Las Vegas general dentistry understand that they have limits to their craft. They know where their skills lie and in what areas assistance is needed. For that reason, most general dentists have specific specialized professionals that they will recommend to their patients when the need arises.

Overall, most general dentists can be counted on to take care of a wide range of dental issues. For those issues that they know they cannot take care of, they will refer you to someone with more experience with the issue. So long as the general dentist that you are working with is certified and experienced, you should have no problems with your basic dental care needs.

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