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Could The “Zika Mosquito” Make Clark County Home?

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Living in the desert of Clark County mosquitos is not something that we have to battle with very often and when we do get some in the Spring we have the mosquito hawks giving us a helping hand. So when we read this recent report about people in Clark County testing positive for Zika, we thought we should share. Here are the recent findings: Samples from 42 people from Clark County have been sent for testing to see if they have the Zika virus, according to the Southern Nevada Health District, and of those, 37 have come back, five with a […]

5 Activities in Las Vegas for Children

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Las Vegas has always been equated with entertainment but with many of the city’s iconic infrastructure catering to adults, you wouldn’t think to find decent activities in Las Vegas for children or moving to Vegas with kids. Yet, as astounding as it may seem, Las Vegas does have plenty of attractions for the children of all ages. Explore the World of Chocolates at the M&M’s World Who doesn’t love chocolates and what kid does not know the two lovely and adorable red and yellow mascots of M&M’s? With four floors of chocolate-y fun and wonder to explore, this is a heaven for […]

Moving to Las Vegas

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What to look for when Moving to greater Las Vegas If you are moving to Las Vegas, there is more to the move than just finding a new home and job. Moving into an area known for tourists and entertainment you need to locate the right support system such as doctors, dentists, CPA’s, child care, shopping and whatever else you may need to make you life more comfortable.  If you have dealt with a major move before, you know that it means finding these new resources can help you settle in and feel more at home much faster than waiting […]

7 Misconceptions About Las Vegas

7 Misconceptions About Las Vegas That Are Not True Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations in the United States. Known for its fun and unique vibe, millions of people clamor to the inspiring city every year. However, while most may have a strong inkling as to what Las Vegas is like, there is also a hidden side that many do not know about. Here are seven interesting things about Las Vegas that you may not have known: Vegas is Not Family Oriented Behind all the glitz, glamor, and show business, Vegas is highly family oriented. The suburban neighborhoods […]