Choosing Your Braces

Benefits Of Braces Since the first days of braces, we accumulated a couple of different types of braces. Today, braces can likewise be connected to the interior of the teeth, for people who want to hide them or even be connected to the front and be clear (more on this later)! Although  some of these new methods are a little bit more expensive than metal braces,  they manage to eliminate the mortifying, metal-mouth look a lot of people dislike. Braces are a great way to get that perfect smile you always desired whether it was an under bite or a […]

It’s Never Too Late For Adult Orthodontics

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No one is too old to fix crooked teeth. As life expectancy increases and broadening idea of enjoying life beyond the 20s or 30s, more and older adults want to enjoy their lives, including investing their money into improving their looks, including their teeth. After all, if they can still enjoy having a perfect smile for 30 or 40 more years of their lives, then it’s a worthy investment. This is the also the generation that grew up in the time when braces were expensive and not as common as today. Now, that they have started to earn well and […]

Could The “Zika Mosquito” Make Clark County Home?

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Living in the desert of Clark County mosquitos is not something that we have to battle with very often and when we do get some in the Spring we have the mosquito hawks giving us a helping hand. So when we read this recent report about people in Clark County testing positive for Zika, we thought we should share. Here are the recent findings: Samples from 42 people from Clark County have been sent for testing to see if they have the Zika virus, according to the Southern Nevada Health District, and of those, 37 have come back, five with a […]