7 Misconceptions About Las Vegas

7 Misconceptions About Las Vegas

About Las Vegas 7 Misconceptions About Las Vegas That Are Not True

Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations in the United States. Known for its fun and unique vibe, millions of people clamor to the inspiring city every year. However, while most may have a strong inkling as to what Las Vegas is like, there is also a hidden side that many do not know about. Here are seven interesting things about Las Vegas that you may not have known:

Vegas is Not Family Oriented

Behind all the glitz, glamor, and show business, Vegas is highly family oriented. The suburban neighborhoods have excellent school districts, there are many organizations, and community centers to join, and many note the city as relatively comfortable place to life.

Clark County Has Bad Medical Care

Aside from being family oriented, Vegas is also known for its astounding medical care. From general medical clinics to cosmetic dentistry, there are numerous high-quality offices that residents take advantage of to meet their needs. A select few of cosmetic dentists are also well-renowned for their work, making Vegas great place for those who want quality cosmetic and medical care.

paris fountain las vegas It’s All About Casinos

Completely not true. Vegas is a prominent destination for shopping, restaurants, business, and even conventions. There are also many national parks and tourist attractions in Vegas that you certainly should take advantage of.

Vegas is All Corporate

Another misconception about Vegas is that it is controlled by corporate, thereby preventing small businesses from flourishing. If you want to establish a business in Vegas, then you can feel confident in doing so. There are many mom and pop shops, restaurants, and the like in the beautiful desert city.

It is Outrageously Expensive to Live in Vegas

Also, untrue; average home prices in Las Vegas are around $200,000. Compared to other major cities in the United States, Vegas is very affordable. However, while Vegas is affordable for residents, it can be extremely expensive for tourists.

Vegas Is Not Classy

Finally, the worst misconception is that Vegas is a tacky place to live. To the contrary, Vegas is located in the beautiful Mojave Desert and residents ultimately appreciate the stunning scenic views, the sunsets, and the year-round warmth. There really are few places that you can choose to live that come close to the splendor that is Vegas.

Now, that you know the true Las Vegas, you can make the right decision in terms of your interests, needs, and living location. At the end of the day, it is always wise to have the facts straight.

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