5 Common Misconceptions About Cosmetic Dentistry

5 Common Misconceptions About Cosmetic Dentistry

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5 Common Misconceptions and Misunderstandings Cosmetic Dentistry

There are two types of dentistry: cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry. Not only do most patients confuse the two areas, but also there are numerous misconceptions surrounding this beautification process. If you are interested in getting the facts straight, here is an overview of the differences and five of the most common misconceptions surrounding the world’s favorite dental procedures. Unlike general dentistry that addresses oral health issues such as tooth and gum health, cosmetic dentistry focuses on the improving the overall appearance of your teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry is Only for the Rich

The most common misconception surrounding cosmetic dentistry is that you must be significantly affluent to afford cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening. To the contrary, anyone can afford cosmetic dentistry. The only difference between affluent folks and less affluent is how many procedures may be afforded at once or how long payment schedules run. At the end of the day, cosmetic dentistry is affordable and usually, your dentist will work with you to figure out a comfortable payment plan that you can handle. You should also feel open to discussing your financial abilities in relation to a particular cosmetic procedure.

All Your Teeth Need to be Treated

The second misconception is that when receiving cosmetic dentistry, the dentist will need to treat each one of your teeth to perfect your smile. The truth is, your dentist will first determine which teeth require cosmetic treatment, the type of cosmetic treatment needed, and the overall effect of the procedures upon generating a perfect smile. In all likelihood, only some teeth will require treatment to achieve a successful result.

Cosmetic Dentistry is a Lengthy Process

The third misconception is that cosmetic dentistry is like general dentistry; you need several procedures to achieve a good result. Actually, most cosmetic dentistry procedures require just one office visit and a subsequently follow up after several months. For example, if you are getting a teeth whitening done, then the procedure is usually one office visit and if your teeth darken in color, you may need a follow up appointment after a few months.

Procedures Can Be Painful

The fourth misconception is that cosmetic procedures are often painful. Truth is told, if you are experiencing pain or have experienced pain from dentistry, then your dentist must have done something wrong. Cosmetic dentistry is largely painless and to mitigate sensitivity, your dental professional should have provided you with an anesthetic or numbing agent.

Beautiful young woman smiling. Isolated over white backgroundCosmetic Dentistry Is Harmful to Teeth

Finally, there are many patients who harbor the belief that cosmetic dentistry is harmful to teeth. Unlike what many think, cosmetic dentistry just treats the appearance of the tooth, not its structure. As a result, cosmetic dentistry does not harm your teeth in any way.

Now, that you know the facts regarding cosmetic dentistry, you can make the right decision for you and your teeth. Ultimately, most are happier after performing cosmetic dentistry than they were beforehand.

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