5 Activities in Las Vegas for Children

5 Activities in Las Vegas for Children

  • Activity for children Playing Pirates

Activity for children Playing Pirates Las Vegas has always been equated with entertainment but with many of the city’s iconic infrastructure catering to adults, you wouldn’t think to find decent activities in Las Vegas for children or moving to Vegas with kids. Yet, as astounding as it may seem, Las Vegas does have plenty of attractions for the children of all ages.

Explore the World of Chocolates at the M&M’s World

Who doesn’t love chocolates and what kid does not know the two lovely and adorable red and yellow mascots of M&M’s? With four floors of chocolate-y fun and wonder to explore, this is a heaven for kids and kids-at-heart who never seem to outgrow these miniature delicacies. Let your kids explore their creativity in this local attraction designing their own M&Ms with their very own unique message.

Live on the Edge at the Adventure Dome Theme Park

With 5 acres of fun and adventure, the Adventure Dome is undoubtedly the nation’s largest indoor adventure theme park. Your kids will spend days trying on all the rides and other interesting activities under this massive pink dome located just behind Las Vegas’ famous Circus Circus. They have fair games, 4D movie adventure, arcades, and miniature gold to compliment the roller coasters and other thrill rides of the Adventure Dome.

Quench Curiosity at the Discovery Children’s Museum

Take your kids to the 3-story Discovery Children’s Museum and let them explore the different exhibits in arts and culture, early childhood development, and science, and nature. Don’t forget to see the Water World where you can your kids can enjoy hands-on activities especially about interacting with scale models of the famous Hoover Dam, the Bypass Bridge, and, Lake Mead. For your young children, make sure to take them to the Toddler Town exhibit of the museum.

Go Wild at Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

Kids just love dolphins, especially the Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Your kids will surely grow wild as they interact face-to-face with these lovely and very intelligent aquatic mammals (yes, they are mammals, not fishes, which makes them closer to humans). Let your kid try being a dolphin trainer in the habitat’s Trainer for a Day program or they can try the Painting with the Dolphins program to create very interesting artwork with these intelligent creatures of the deep. If they are looking for things to do in Las Vegas and they grow tired of dolphins, explore the royal white tigers and white lions of Timbavati.

Splash on Cowabunga Bay

With more than 25 water attractions in a sprawling 23-acre complex, Cowabunga Bay is simply the coolest place to be where you can take your children for a great day of fun in Las Vegas. Enjoy 4 surf and swim pools, 9 water slides, 10 pint-sized kiddie slides, and an exhilarating raft ride. It also has Nevada’s largest lazy river which your young kids will find very interesting.

There are many other activities for children in Las Vegas. They don’t call it the Entertainment Capital of the World if it cannot provide even a simple form of entertainment for children.

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