3 Signs You Need a Root Canal

3 Signs You Need a Root Canal

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3 Signs You Need a Root Canal Today

metal free filling and root canal patientOut of every person you’ve ever met, about half of them will have had at least one root canal. While not everyone is going to need a root canal in their lifetime, the endodontic therapy is an extremely important method available to help save your teeth.

Your Tooth is Darkening

Darkening tooth enamel is an indication that your tooth is dying. It is usually noticeable in only one tooth, while the other teeth remain the same color. This darkening process is due to the tooth dying. It may be a result of trauma or injury that occurred as many as 20 or more years earlier!

There is an Abscess Along Your Gums

Infections inside of the nerve have to drain somehow, and that’s why abscesses are seen on the gum tissues. Abscesses may come and go as the inflammation does, but once they are there, it means the nerve tissue is irreversibly damaged. Antibiotics will only offer temporary relief, while a root canal will provide lifetime preservation.

You Have Very Large Fracture or Cavity

Decay or damage that extends deep into the tooth not only impacts your tooth structure, it also exposes the inner nerve tissues to external elements. This leads to rapid spread of infection, decay, and even abscesses. An x-ray may be needed to evaluate the extent of the damage and how deep it truly is compared to the anatomical structures of the tooth.

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