3 Signs You Have a Great Fitting Denture

3 Signs You Have a Great Fitting Denture

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Dentures are like a great pair of shoes – we wear them all the time, but as they start to wear out, we don’t always notice until it is too late. A great fitting denture will have a few unique features that let you know everything is going, as it ought to.

You Don’t Need Adhesive
A properly fitting denture will stay in place without any type of adhesive, paste, or strips. In fact, dentures should be secured by suction alone – a tight seal between the denture and your soft tissues across the jaws and roof of the mouth. Adhesives should only be used temporarily to get you by, if something isn’t working out quite right.

It Doesn’t Slip When You Talk or Chew
Your denture should fit snuggly when you’re speaking or eating a meal. If it constantly has to be adjusted or slips out of place, it means the denture no longer fits. This could be due to changes in your bone anatomy over time, weight loss, or a worn out denture.

There Are No Sore Spots
Do you get sore spots or raw areas under your dentures? Then something isn’t quite right. Your denture may need to be relined, adjusted, or may be completely worn out. Ignoring these sore spots could lead to chronic infections later on.

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