3 Reasons Why You Need a Root Canal

3 Reasons Why You Need a Root Canal

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3 Reasons Why You Need a Root Canal Dentist in Las Vegas

metal free filling and root canal patient Root canals are an essential dental treatment that can save your smile. In fact, many circumstances mean that either you get a root canal or you have to have your tooth pulled. By offering root canals in our Las Vegas dental office, we can help you protect your tooth!

Here are 3 reasons why you might need to have a root canal…

Your Tooth Has an Abscess

A dental abscess means that infection is draining out of the tip of the tooth root. To treat this, we go in and clean out the nerve chamber that extends through the entire tooth. After the nerve chamber is medicated, we fill it and seal it off to prevent reinfection.

You Have a Very Deep Cavity

Most of the time we fix cavities by filling them. Sometimes though, the cavity goes too deep into the tooth. Bacteria then spread into the nerve. Like an abscessed tooth, teeth with deep cavities need to have the entire nerve chamber cleaned out and filled. Otherwise we are simply blocking bacteria inside of the tooth and setting you up for problems later on.

Your Tooth is Turning Dark

Did you happen to have an injury to your mouth in the past several years? Even if it was a decade ago, trauma can catch up with your smile! Whether it was being in a car accident, bumping it on a trampoline or elbowed in a basketball game – your dental nerve can die years later. Most people notice this by their tooth suddenly turning a dark shade.

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