10 Things To Ask Your New Neighbors About Finding a Dentist

10 Things To Ask Your New Neighbors About Finding a Dentist

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If you just moved into a neighborhood, one of the toughest things to do is finding a Las Vegas dentist who is as good, or even better, than your last one. While it may take a while before you can start establishing relationships with your new neighbors, you can always refer to the ten things to ask your friends about how to find a good dentist.

  1. Word of Mouth can be Powerful – There is nothing better than listening to friends, and other people talk about their experiences with a particular dentist. This gives you an idea of what to expect. Call it the best marketing strategy ever.
  2. Note Referrals from Friends – There is a reason why friends would recommend a particular dentist and not another. You can ask them what makes this dentist unique and if you think you would like to have some of that experience, then go on and visit this particular dentist.
  3. Always Look for Good Reputation – No doubt that you need a dentist with an excellent reputation. Typically, reputation comes with experience, so you might want to start with well-established dentists in your area.
  4. Make Sure of His Professional Membership –It is more of a guarantee that if a dentist is a member of an accredited professional organization, preferably the American Dental Association, or any of its specialty organizations, you are sure that the dentist will uphold the standards of his profession.
  5. Determine Accessibility –If the dentist’s office is around the corner, then that is good. But, if does hold office there but is only available at certain times of the day and often with no definite schedules, it might be a better idea to get a dentist who holds an office several blocks away but regularly holds office from 9am to 6pm, Mondays to Saturdays, or something like that. The point is; a dentist should be readily accessible and available when you need him to.
  6. Do They Provide Flexible Payment Options? – If the dentist, unfortunately, does not recognize your insurance coverage, then the dental office must have at least flexible payment options or a Dental Plan. This is especially true for more expensive dental treatments like dental implants.
  7. How about Patient Specials? –A good dentist must not only be able to provide excellent dental treatments to his patients. He must also provide certain specials for new patients as well as loyalty programs for returning patients.
  8. Check Sedation Dentistry –Some dental procedures are quite painful. You might want to choose a dentist who is duly certified in sedation dentistry. Otherwise, you might just have to look for other ways in which to manage your pain during a particular dental procedure.
  9. Check Emergency Dentistry – You will also need a dentist who can provide you with emergency services such as if you suddenly knocked off your teeth. It pays to know you won’t have to end up in an emergency room for such cases.
  10. Transparent Practice? –Lastly, make sure that the dentist will be able to discuss with you your plan of care including the various treatments that will be performed. This also includes discussion of the costs. Transparency in practice is something that all professionals must strive to do.

Hopefully, you have will remember what your friends taught you about finding a dentist in Las Vegas with these tips.

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